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Critcal Media is pleased to present two new projects in the months of September and October 2007: WHAT WILL YOU DO? and Sputnik.


What Would You Do? Part of Nuit Blanche


Queen Street West & Simcoe Street
Saturday Sept. 27, 2007
7pm to Sunrise

Part of the Nuit Blanche, Toronto, generously supported by Scotiabank.

is an art installation that addresses the issue of
individual and collective responsibility for making social change.

We are all aware that our earth is in crisis. We all know about
climate change, and the effect our actions have on our environment. We
are conscious of the fact that our current use of energy and material
consumption is unsustainable. We also know that we have to change our
behaviour before it's too late. But are we as individuals willing to
make a personal commitment to change? Are we ready to take individual
responsibility for the interest of our collective home?

"WHAT WILL YOU DO?" asks to share your personal commitment, to be
pro-active about climate change. What you are willing to do, big or
small, at work, in your home or in your community? Send this pledge as
a text message to our telephone number, (647)449-9932. Your message
will be transformed into a visual statement along with many others and
as a result we'll discover that adding up small individual testimonies
produces a massive collective transformation.

"WHAT WILL YOU DO?" was created in collaboration by Nina Czegledy,
Greg Judelman and Daniel Barber, with production assistance by Deborah
Hession and sound designers Museum. Special thanks to Michelle
Jacques and Michael Brisbin for their support.



Sputnik invitation

Critical Media presents Sputnik, a celebration of space flight in collaboration with the Canadian Space Society, held at the Toronto Aerospace Museum.

On October 4, 2007 we mark the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the age of space competition and exploration, discovery, adventure, tragedy and exhilaration. On this day, five decades ago - October 4, 1957- the first man-made satellite was launched into space, the first man-made object ever to orbit the Earth, captivating the public’s imagination worldwide. No larger than a watermelon and weighing only 183 pounds, its “beep beep beep” signal from space was heard with baited breath as it traveled on its elliptical path. “'Now, somehow, in some new way, the sky seemed almost alien,'' wrote Lyndon B. Johnson. The launch of Sputnik ushered in a new era: the Space Age.


SPUTNIK: Art, film, discussion and more
6:30PM, October 4, 2007
Toronto Aerospace Museum,
Downsview Park
65 Carl Hall Road,
Toronto, Ontario, M3K 2E1,
phone 416 638 6078

For a map of how to get there, check the Toronto Aerospace Museum
, or see below for directions.

ADMISSION FREE – Donations accepted.


6:15-7.15: Reception and presentation of new media artist Slavica
Ceperkovic's piece consisting of a continuous loop projection

7:15-8:00: Presentation on space era in USSR/Russia (Dr. Zelina Iskanderova, University of Toronto)

8:00-8:25: Presentation: "Space Science and Science Fiction (Nina Czegledy, KMDI, University of Toronto; Concordia University)

8:25-8:30: Screening: "My first rocket" (Amir Gavriely & Joel Robson)

8:30-: 9.30: Screening: "The High Ground" (Michael Lennick, Foolish Earthling Productions)

9.30 -9:35: Streaming of "Sputtnikk Oppera" live performance from Ljubljana (Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman)

9:35-10:00: Discussion/Q&A with Michael Lennick

10:00-10:30: Screening: “Destination: Mars” " (Michael Lennick, Foolish Earthling Productions)

Sputnik Day logo


By Transit: Free shuttle car service will be provided between Downsview TTC station and the Aerospace Museum between 6.15 -7.15 pm

By Car: From the 401 East or West, exit at Keele Street North. Turn right on Sheppard Ave, and follow Sheppard to the entrance to Downsview Park. Turn right into the park (onto John Drury Road) until you reach Carl Hall Road. Turn left at Carl Hall and continue east over the railway tracks to the Museum, which is on your right-hand side.

By Taxi: Taxi fare from the Downsview TTC Station is approximately $10.00.


Sputnik Day 2007 was produced in collaboration by Nina Czegledy, Lori Tureski, Amir Gavriely, Joel Robson, and Slavica Ceperkovic, and Critical Media partners Greg Judelman and Daniel Barber. Special thanks to Kevin Shortt, Paul Cabot and the Toronto Aerospace Museum and the Canadian Space Society. We are grateful for the generous contribution by Michael Lennick and Foolish Earthling Productions. Thanks also to Magda Wesalkovska.

For more informaiton, please contact Lori Tureski at ltureski<at> or Nina Czegledy at czegledy<at>